Curriculum vitae: Mickey Holzer Universe

Born on the 23rd of August 1991 in Hall in Tyrol, grew up in Lienz, Tyrol, Austria


  1. 2011. Graduated High School at MusikBorg Lienz
  2. 2012. Year abroad in London
  3. 2013. Application to study at the University of Applied Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.
  4. 2014. Attended copper etching course of Michael Hedwig at the Summer Academy Dölsach.
  5. 2015. Admittance to the class for Graphic Arts and Printmaking Techniques of Gunter Damisch, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
  6. 2016. First use of the pseudonym Mickey Universe, alluding to Mickey Mouse as a prophetical figure of a society lost in thought, and to God as a conceptualization of reality.

Realization of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens given ability to be aware of consciousness.

  1. 2017. Realization of the difference between thought and reality. For example, the contrast between imagining a polar bear and an actual polar bear, the idea of life and life itself, or how we see ourselves and who we truly are.

Conclusion that life is the everlasting moment and that the past and the future are also just thoughts.

Conclusion: The brain is a very plastic organ which forms itself through repetitive activities and memorable events.

The knowledge that there’s no need to follow thoughts leads to disidentification from thought and to the end of confusion between illusion and reality.

  1. Visited Slade School Of Fine Art – London, for the Affiliate Programme



  1. 2014. Summer academy, Dölsach
  2. 2016. Rundgang, acad. Vienna

          Group exhibition, Das Manfred, Gruppe 1, Vienna

  1. 2017. Rundgang, acad. Vienna

           Group exhibition, Das Manfred, Nein Schatzi, Vienna

           Group exhibition, Hin & Retour 2, Lienz

           Group exhibition, fwp Kunstakt, Vienna

  1. 2018. Rundgang, acad. Vienna

           Group exhibition, PEACE, Vienna

           Group exhibition, Slade - Interim Show, London

  1. Rundgang, acad. Vienna