Curriculum Vitae

M i c k e y H. U n i v e r s e


* 23rd of August 1991



2015 Admittance to the class for Graphic Arts and Printmaking Techniques

of Gunter Damisch, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna


2018 Ever since class of Christian Schwarzwald,

Visited Slade School Of Fine Art – London, for the Affiliate Painting Programme


2019 Assistant in the printmaking studios at the academy of fine arts Vienna for Michael Hedwig

2020 Internship at the Faculdade de Belas Artes, Porto, Portugal



As soon as we are born, we are being pushed into the concept of subject and object.


It is our world view that there is someone living inside a body who knows and that there is a world outside of "oneself" that is known.

The subject, that which seemingly knows is being decorated with different ideas. The ideology of the self is being created.

Everything starts with a name, a gender, a nationality. By creating a self, there is automatically being created the other and the other seemingly begins where our skin ends.


But according to experience, that which knows all experience is not the body. Otherwise one could not experience "the body".

One’s body is just another object of experience, just like the world is an object of experience.



Might it therefore be the case that, that which is aware (I) only ever appears as that which it is aware of?

Might it therefore be that there is not something or someone who is aware, but awareness being all there is?






2016. Rundgang, acad. Vienna

         Group exhibition, Das Manfred, Gruppe 1, Vienna


2017. Rundgang, acad. Vienna

          Group exhibition, Das Manfred, Nein Schatzi, Vienna

          Group exhibition, Hin & Retour 2, Lienz

          Group exhibition, fwp Kunstakt, Vienna


2018. Rundgang, acad. Vienna

          Group exhibition, PEACE, Vienna

          Group exhibition, Slade - Interim Show, London


2019. Rundgang, acad. Vienna

          Overkill Aestethica at Bureau Veritas, Vienna

          Group exhibition, All Paper Show


2020. Rundgang, acad. Vienna